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Henry and Louis Mood

Born in Germany, Henry and Louis came to Australia as young boys. In 1875, they established a coach building business in Shellharbour Village.

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Hazelton Family

Members of the Hazelton family have been serving the Albion Park community for generations. Edward Hazelton came to Australia in 1826 and worked as a groom near Bathurst.

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Reddall Family

John Reddall arrived in Sydney in 1820 with his parents, the Reverend Thomas and Isabella Reddall, and six brothers and sisters.

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O’Gorman Family

Paddy O’Gorman spent his entire life in Albion Park. He knew everybody, and everybody knew him. In those days people knew every person, horse, cow, dog and cat in town.

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Bursill Family

Thomas Bursill met his future wife, Henrietta Woodley, on his voyage to Australia. He married her in 1858 and the couple moved to the Illawarra, eventually settling at Croom.

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Weston & Johnston Family

George Weston, the fifth son of Henry and Jeanne Weston (of West Horsley Place, Surrey, England), married Blanche Johnston in Australia in 1858.

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Russell Family

Ebenezer and Jane Russell sailed from Scotland to Australia on the Portland in 1840. Ebenezer came to work on the Terry’s Meadows Estate (Albion Park).

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Caroline Chisholm

Caroline Chisholm assisted settlers to Shellharbour in 1843, giving families the opportunity to settle on clearing leases and live rent free for six years.

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Samuel Terry

Samuel Terry was a labourer at Manchester England when he was convicted of the theft of 400 pairs of stockings and sentenced to transportation to Australia for seven years.

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D’Arcy Wentworth

Irishman D’Arcy Wentworth was three times accused of highway robbery at the Old Bailey and acquitted of all charges.

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Chambers Family

The Chambers family moved to Lake Illawarra in 1932 after buying a bakery that had come up for sale in the area.

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Mickey and Rosie Johnston

Mickey was born in Port Stephens about 1834, and arrived in the Illawarra around 1865. He joined the local tribe, eventually becoming a senior member.

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Thomas Family

Sarah and William Thomas arrived at Wollongong Harbour with their three children in 1838, on a steamer nicknamed Puffing Billy.

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Captain William Baxter

William Baxter came to Australia as a convict in 1828 on board the ship Phoenix 2 and worked for Mr. Robb at his Riversdale Estate at Jamberoo.

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McGill Family

Andrew McGill sailed for Australia in 1838 with his wife Jane/Jean and their nine children on board the St George.

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James Family

William James was a stonemason by trade. He settled at Dunmore where he built his family home Bravella, meaning hills and vales in Cornish.

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Gabriel Timbs

Gabriel Timbs arrived in Australia as a young boy in 1839. He and his parents travelled on board the Formosa, and on their arrival went to work for Henry Osborne at his Marshall Mount Estate.

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Edwin Klein

Edwin Klein was an unusual man. He was self-educated, having had only three years of schooling during his life, and he became a self-made millionaire.

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Grey Family

The Grey family is synonymous with dairying in the Illawarra. George and Isabella Grey arrived from Ireland in 1841, initially working a clearing lease in Kiama.

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Fuller Family

George Laurence Fuller sailed from Ireland to Australia in 1839 when he was seven, with his father William, mother Ann, and six brothers and sisters.

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Dunster Family

The Dusters’ have been farming in Shellharbour since the 1860s. Joseph and Mary Dunster were the first of the family to settle in Australia.

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Evelyn Owen

Evelyn (Evo) Owen lived in a hut at the foot of Macquarie Pass. His mother Constance was the daughter of Sir William McMillan, owner of River Farm in Tongarra.

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Wilson Family

In the 1850s Robert Wilson and his wife Sarah operated the Tullimbar Store in the Macquarie Valley, eventually taken over by his step-daughter Jane.

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Fraser Family

Alexander Fraser and his wife Helen Munro arrived in Australia from Scotland in 1839. They came to work at Macquarie Valley (Albion Park) on a clearing lease as part of an emigration scheme. 

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