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Ever wondered why there is an anchor in the car park of the Ocean Beach Hotel, or where the railway wheels at Windang Island came from?

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Telescope from Cooby Farm

This telescope was used at Cooby farm, Stockyard Mountain. The Smith family who lived at the property, would keep watch for ships coming into Shellharbour, and then make their way to the harbour to sell their farm produce.

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Bass Point Gravel Loader

Shellharbour is rich with basalt. In the mid-19th century, the land was scattered with blue metal which was put to good use building drystone walls, homes and public buildings.

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Sarah Thomas Silk Taffeta Skirt

This rare example of mid-19th century dress was handmade by Sarah on her voyage from England to Australia in 1838, with a gathered waist that could be let out when pregnant.

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Thomas Bakery Ovens

John Thomas came to Australia with his parents William and Sarah in 1838. The family first lived on the Marshall Mount Estate and worked for Henry Osborne.

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The Blitz Fire Truck

In 1942 the Ford V8 Army Blitz truck served as the only fire fighting vehicle for the Albion Park Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade (APVBFB), and surrounding district.

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Anchor from the Rangoon

The Rangoon, one of the largest sailing ships to grace Shellharbour waters, was wrecked in heavy seas off Rangoon Island (Stack Island) at Minnamurra 22 March 1870.

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Parachute Silk

This parachute silk is from Ben Turner Parachute Factory at Broadway Sydney NSW. Albion Park’s Esme Walsh worked for Ben at his factory making parachutes for World War 2.

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Warrilla Butter Wrappers

The Illawarra Cooperative Central Dairy (ICCD) Factory produced its famous Warrilla (correct spelling) brand butter from 1956. The name Warrilla is a derivative of the name Illawarra.

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Aboriginal people have lived in Shellharbour for at least 17000 years. To put that in some perspective, the Great Pyramid at Giza was built about 4500 years ago.

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Tongarra Mine Coal Loader

This coal loader was manufactured in the USA by Joy Mining Machinery, and used at Tongarra Mine from 1947 until the mine’s closure in 1965.

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